African Bass Part 3


Gain a comprehensive understanding of traditional bass guitar styles from South Africa, Nigeria, Congo and become a better bassist by developing a new rhythmical perspective that can be applied to enhance every bar of music you play, in a any genre or your money back.

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The African Bass Curriculum


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Module 1 - Creating Authentic African Basslines - 39.31
  • How To Build An African Bassline 8.51
  • Syncopations And Variations Slowed Down 7.04
  • Strengthening Your Bassline 6.02
  • 1 4 5 4 Progression In B Major7.25
  • Lock In Your Variations At A Slow Tempo 10.09
Module 2 - How To Play Afrobeat - 15.11
Module 3 - Introduction To South African Music - 21.29
Module 4 - Mbaqanga And Marabi - 15.45
  • Marabi – Mafikizolo 2.49
  • Pitsa Tse Kgolo – The Mahotella Queens 3.47
  • Kazet – Mahlathini & The Mahotella Queens 2.05
  • Ngeke Siwakhe – Steve Kekana 3.15
  • Ngeke Siwakhe Slowed Down 1.30
  • Wenzani Umoya – The Big Four 1.59
Module 5 - Maskandi And Ghoema - 8.37
  • Sommer Ghoema – Robbie Jansen 1.27
  • Maskandi Akujolwa Kanje – Bongo Boyz 2.15
  • Never Say Never – Inkos’yamagcokama 2.11
  • Emhlangeni – Khuzani 2.44
Module 6 - Further South African Bass Study - 15.04
Module 7 - Theory & Techniques - 17.48

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interactive on-screen notation

Our state of the art learning technology speeds up studying with innovative, interactive tools. Access on-screen notation, tablature, animated fretboards, variable tempos, and more today.

Live Masterclass and Q&A

live masterclass and q&a

Learn from the best. Watch legendary South African bassist Bakithi Kumalo’s exclusive World Music Method masterclass and apply his principles into your own musical development.

African Backing Tracks

african backing tracks – volume 4

Put your new techniques into practice and jam over South African traditional grooves so you can develop your own authentic feel and be confident playing in a variety of new styles.

Interactive on-screen Notation

edd bateman – album download

Over a collection of African grooves  hear how Edd blends his basslines into arranged songs on the West African Love Affair’s second album ‘Diamonds, Gold & Mobile Phones’.

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african backing tracks – volume four


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Learn African Music Online

At age 14, in the rural Devon countryside town of Tavistock, (UK) Edd Bateman was sitting in his bedroom playing heavy metal basslines. Suddenly his Mum arrived and said you need to go to the next-door neighbour’s house right now and take your bass amp. ‘Chimanimani’, who were a Sungura and Chimurenga dance band from Harare, Zimbabwe had just arrived in England and were there auditioning for a bass player to join their upcoming national tour. Despite Edd’s youthful inexperience and limited knowledge of theory he got the job and did the first 2 hour show just 11 days later. Within a month the band played together at African nightclubs in London, universities and then Glastonbury festival. Edd worked with Chimanimani for 6 years.

In his early 20s he took the first of many trips and tours to West Africa and instantly fell in with the famous Cissokho family of griots from Southern Senegal and began his deep training performing regular 5 hour shows with Solo Cissokho, Seckou Keita, Sadio Cissokho and the whole Dialikunda family as well as on-stage guest spots with Cheikh Lo, Orchestra Baobab and Super Diamono.

Now back in the UK and with thousands of concerts under his belt with bands from all over the world he developed his skills serving as bandleader for ‘London Astrobeat Orchestra’ and ‘Edd Bateman’s West African Love Affair’. In the lockdown he saw the need to begin documenting the brilliant African bass guitar styles he’s dedicated his life to learning and so founded the World Music Method to share this knowledge with the world.

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Congolese Guitar Evolution – Online Course

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After a crash course in Maskandi, Marabi, Ghoema, Mbaqanga, Township, Afrobeat and a further dose of Congolese Soukous you’ll feel completely confident playing a variety of African grooves.