African Ensemble Guitar


Imagine knowing how to play amazing African guitar licks from Nigeria, Mali, Congo, Ivory Coast and South Africa. Then imagine how easy it would be to take your poly-rhythmic guitar mastery and fit into any band, in any genre whilst always having a wealth of exciting and unique guitar licks in your library to take inspiration from.

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The African Guitar Curriculum


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Module 1 - Guitar Techniques & Warmups - 39.31
Module 2 - How To Play Malaika - 15.11
  • Performing Miriam Makeba’s Malaika 5.35
  • Remaining Comfortable Within Chord Shapes 8.12
  • Accompanying The Vocal Part1.27
  • Learning The Chord Melody Guitar Part 4.17
  • Playing At A Slower Tempo 2.29
  • Chord Melody On The B Section 5.42
  • Emphasising The G# 1.50
  • Instrumental Section With The Ensemble 2.23
Module 3 - Nigerian Afrobeat - 21.29
  • The Simplicity Of Afrobeat4.06
  • Learning A Rhythm Guitar Part 4.26
  • Lead & Rhythm Parts With The Band 4.20
  • How To Sound Rhythmic 3.50
  • Performing Afrobeat With The Ensemble 2.57
Module 4 - Coupé-Décalé & Guitar Line Creation - 15.45
  • Creating Lines – 1,4,1,5 Progression 8.00
  • Slowing Down The New Guitar Parts 4.19
  • Coupé-Décalé – Cote d’Ivoire 5.17
  • Playing With The Ensemble 2.20
Module 5 - West African Pentatonic Music - 8.37
  • Using The Pentatonic Scale 4.45
  • Authentic Feel With Ornamentation 2.33
  • Learning The Main Riff 1.43
  • Grooving With The Syncopations 1.51
  • Learning The Lead Guitar Line 2.56

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Live Masterclass and Q&A

live masterclass and q&a

Learn from the best. Watch legendary South African bassist Bakithi Kumalo’s exclusive World Music Method masterclass and apply his principles into your own musical development.

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Learn Congolese Guitar With Niwel Tsumbu

Let the World Music Method set you on the right road. Take it easy, take it slow, build your confidence and master the art. Explore the vibrant roots and invigorating rhythms of Sebene with one of its most accomplished practitioners.

Back in the day, Niwel Tsumbu was borrowing bits of fishing line and bike cable to build his guitars. Now he’s performed the world over with the likes of Buena Vista Social club, Natty Wailer and Baaba Maal. He’s recorded with Sinead O’Connor, Nigel Kennedy and Michael O’Suilleabhgin. He’s even written a symphony for the radical 20-piece Surge Orchestra.

From Irish folk to jazz, classical, rock and flamenco, Niwel’s story is one of cross-genre, cross-cultural exploration, improvisation, collaboration and integration. But with this session he’ll take you right back to the fundamental rhythms of his African roots, bedded in Soukous, Sebene and Rumba. Where it all began. Niwel is a real one-off. Don’t miss the chance to benefit from learning with this master musician.

Become African Groove Confident

Congolese Guitar Evolution – Online Course

After a crash course in Afrobeat, Malian pentatonic styles, South African chord-melody techniques, Coupez-Decale and Soukous you’ll feel completely confident playing a variety of African grooves.

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✔ 30-Day Money Back Guarantee