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Brazilian Drum Kit Rhythms Clone | World Music Method
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Brazilian Culture

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Exotic Sounds Of Brazilian Drumming?

Innovative. Exotic. Eccentric. Bold. There aren’t enough words in existence to describe the improvisational brilliance of Brazilian drums. It’s built out of an ever-evolving, eccentric, exotic array of percussive instruments. Over generations, they’ve been freely and easily borrowed from Africa, Europe, and Brazil’s indigenous peoples. Perhaps you’re anxious to learn but are unable to dedicate your life to studying local musicians in the backstreet bars of Bahia, the clubs in downtown Sao Paulo and the chaotically colourful avenidas of Rio at carnival time. With vast regions and 26 states all contributing uniquely to the country’s national groove it may seem overwhelming to digest all of the rhythmic nuances and subtle techniques needed to complete your Brazilian beats repertoire.

capturing this unique sound requires expert guidance

Harness The Sounds Of Brazil Like A Pro

With Cyro Zuzi you’re safe in the hands of a man with a back-catalogue which began with thrash metal, then took a radical turn into five years’ study with one of Brazil’s grand masters of drumming, Douglas Las Casas, and then embraced jazz, bebop and swing.

Cyro has an insatiable appetite for exploring, absorbing, and integrating rhythms from around the world into his ever-expanding repertoire of skills. But it’s to his Brazilian roots in Samba, Bossa Nova and Forro that he most fondly and frequently returns.

As director of the “Bish Bash Bosh” percussion school he maintains a constant connection to the rhythms that gave birth to the drumkit style for which he’s so famed, the world over. Don’t miss the chance to work with a true master of the art.

Master Samba, Bossa Nova, Forró And More

Lesson 1 – The Fundamentals Of Learning Samba Rhythms3.30

Lesson 2 – 16th Note Accents On The Rimshot2.14

Lesson 3 – Samba Cross Stick Permutations1.45

Lesson 4 – Caixa And Repinique Basics On Snare3.18

Lesson 5 – When To Use The Ride Cymbal4.16

Lesson 6 – Tamborim Phrases Applied To The Rimshot1.55

Lesson 7 – Why We Count In 2/41.27

  Lesson 8 – The Development Of Samba Pagode2.32

  Lesson 9 – Building Up From The Rudiments2.48

  Lesson 10 – Tamborim Phrases Applied To The Hihat2.15

  Lesson 11 – How To Play Up Tempo Samba3.14

  Lesson 12 – Speed Saving Hihat Techniques2.59

  Lesson 13 – Tamborim Phrases Applied To The Snare3.37

  Lesson 14 – Samba Batucada Carnival Rhythms7.27

  Lesson 15 – The History Of Brazilian Musical Development2.31

  Lesson 16 – Learning The Bossa Nova Rhythm2.58

  Lesson 17 – Developing The Traditional Brush Technique2.27

  Lesson 18 – Alternating Snare Accents1.29

  Lesson 19 – Permutations In Groups Of Three1.09

  Lesson 20 – Adding The Left Foot Hihat Ostinato2.31

  Lesson 21 – Natural Syncopations And Accents2.20

  Lesson 22 – Snare And Brush Technique Combination3.01

  Lesson 23 – Maintaining A Smooth Volume2.55

  Lesson 24 – The Percussion Parts Of Forró5.12

  Lesson 25 – Baião Rhythms Applied To The Rimshot1.54

  Lesson 26 – Triangle Rhythms On The Hihat Bell1.50

  Lesson 27 – Xote Rhyhtm – Study Luiz Gonzaga2.34

  Lesson 28 – Partido Alto Drum Kit Rhythms3.55

  Lesson 29 – Combining With Samba Drum Patterns1.50

  Lesson 30 – Why Drummers Should Study Percussion4.50

  Lesson 31 – Understanding The Carnival Pulse – Surdu1.56

  Lesson 32 – The Driving Force Of Samba – Repenique1.58

  Lesson 33 – Thanks For Learning With Us0.57

easily decode generations of

Complex Brazilian Drumming Patterns

The Brazilian drumkit incorporates the Pandeiro, the Caixa, the Agogo, the Tamborim, the Repinique, the Ganza and the Surdo. It can seem overwhelming – even to the most hardened adventurers in the world of world music. But let Cyro introduce to the tools of his trade and talk you through the carefully notated slo-mo basics, and suddenly it’ll all begin to click. And when that happens, it doesn’t matter what piece of kit, what technique, or what name it goes under, you’ll find yourself fully fluent in the drumkit’s language.

Next up – let Cyro show you how to add a personal twist to create startling new beats that neither you – nor anyone else – has ever experienced before.

….. the Samba Batucada snare, cross-stick method in under an hour.

….. to enhance your sound with the iconic Bossa Nova brush technique.

….. the rich percussion ancestry of popular Brazilian drum kit rhythms.

….. split screen, multi-limb views and close-up angles for easy learning.

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Study The Rhythms Of Brazil

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brazilian drum kit rhythms

You don’t need to fly to Rio to authentically master the Brazilian drum kit. Learn Samba, Bossa Nova, Forro, and more unique Brazilian styles in this in-depth 1.5-hour course.

interactive on-screen notation

Learning new skills is easier with our innovative, interactive tools. Access on-screen notation, tablature, loopable sections, variable tempos, and more today.

live masterclass and q&a

Watch November’s masterclass and Q&A, then join the next session live and receive immediate feedback and answers from Cyro Zuzi.

brazilian backing tracks

Put your new techniques into practice and Jam on recordings by the World Music Method tutors over different Brazilian grooves.

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