Master Brazilian Drum Kit Rhythms


Brazilian music is not just Samba and Bossa Nova. For any disciplined drummer ready to go deeper into an entire world of rhythms; Coco, Maracatu and the Candomblé Ijexá groove will define your technique, enhance your musicality and retune your feel by offering lifelong access to a vocabulary of ancestral percussive rhythms, transposed onto the drum kit and available in your own two hands.

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The Brazilian Drum kit Curriculum


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Module 1 - Learning The Brazilian Coco - 16.58
  • The History Of The Coco Rhythm 2.33
  • Beginning With The Basics 2.33
  • Working In Groups Of Two 2.25
  • Incorporating The Clave Into The Left Foot 2.48
  • Variations On The Floor Tom 1.03
  • Working In Groups Of Three 1.50
  • Moving The Clave To The Bass Drum3.46
Module 2 - How To Play Maracatu On The Drum Kit - 25.56
  • The History Of Maracatu 5.58
  • The Sacred Instruments Of Maracatu 2.37
  • Learning The Gonguê Pattern 1.38
  • The Agogo Rhythm 1.38
  • Alfaia Beats On The Kick Drum 2.36
  • Arrastou On The Floor Tom & Kick 0.45
  • Learning The Maler 1.12
  • The Basic Caixa Pattern & Tarol 3.14
  • The Arrastou Caixa Accents 1.02
  • Arrastou Kick Drum Accents 1.13
  • Incorporating Agogo With The Maler 1.21
  • Adding The Kick Drum 0.26
  • Low Pitch Improvisation 1.21
Module 3 - Learning Candomblé Rhythms - Ijexá - 15.46

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Join the next live masterclass to get your questions answered by Cyro and learn more about how to enhance your drumming skills by applying the techniques and rhythms of Brazil.

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Learn Brazilian Drum Kit Online

With Cyro Zuzi you’re safe in the hands of a man with a back-catalogue which began with thrash metal, then took a radical turn into five years’ study with one of Brazil’s grand masters of drumming, Douglas Las Casas, and then embraced jazz, bebop and swing.

Cyro has an insatiable appetite for exploring, absorbing, and integrating rhythms from around the world into his ever-expanding repertoire of skills. But it’s to his Brazilian roots in Samba, Bossa Nova and Forro that he most fondly and frequently returns.

As director of the “Bish Bash Bosh” percussion school he maintains a constant connection to the rhythms that gave birth to the drumkit style for which he’s so famed, the world over. Don’t miss the chance to work with a true master of the art.

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After a crash course in Coco, Maracatu and Ijexá you’ll feel completely confident playing a variety of Brazilian grooves.