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From the laid-back vibes of a guitar at the neighborhood boteco in Rio to the vibrant, party-like atmosphere of carnival in Salvador, Brazil is home to a musical landscape that’s as diverse and unique as the people within its borders. Influenced by its blended African, Indigenous, and European heritage, the country has created numerous exotic musical genres and traditions from scratch, most notably Samba and Bossa Nova.

João Gilberto. Antonio Carlos Jobim. Gilberto Gil. The list of world-renowned musical originators and innovators is endless.

Experience the authentic sounds of Brazil.

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The Brazilian Guitar Curriculum


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Module 1 – Samba – Clave, Chords And Grooves - 20.21
  • Introducing The Clave Of Samba 2.52
  • Samba Guitar Rhythms In The Right Hand 1.53
  • Left Hand Muting Creates The Groove 2.36
  • Moving Through A Samba Chord Progression 1.49
  • Adding Melody To The Bass 6.27
  • Practise With The Backing Track 2.21
  • Alternating The Bass Notes 1.02
  • Play Along – Up Tempo 2.21
Module 2 – How To Play Bossa Nova - 17.30
  • An Introduction To Bossa Nova 2.08
  • Learning Wave – Antônio Carlos Jobim 6.28
  • Adding Variations To Keep It Interesting 2.10
  • Varying The Right Hand Rhythm 5.22
  • Wave – Performing The Complete Song2.08
Module 3 – The Essential Sub-Genres Of Samba - 23.05
  • Harmony & Theory – Brazilian Chord Approach 5.30
  • Samba De Roda Chord Substitutions 2.55
  • Learning Partido Alto Guitar 3.51
  • Pandeiro Rhythms Applied To Guitar 4.15
  • Introduction To Chorro 0.51
  • Learning The Ordeon Guitar Part 0.51
  • Performing Choro At Tempo 0.58
  • Practise Your Choro Guitar Line 2.21
Module 4 – Maracatu And Further Study - 15.48
  • Learning The Rhythm Guitar For Maracatu 1.38
  • The Evolution Of Brazilian Guitar 3.10
  • Lamento No Morro – Garoto 5.03
  • Brazil’s 7 String Guitar Tradition 2.39
  • Autumn Leaves – Samba Style 3.58

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Intricate Rhythms, Exotic Melodies

The first step to understanding the roots of Brazilian music is understanding the percussion rhythms. This is easier said than done. Simply knowing the chords will not be enough to feel the underpinning grooves that make the music unique.

“We generally feel Brazilian music in 2/4 but playing like an authentic Brazilian involves more than just counting 1, 2, 1, 2 – you need to feel the clave and understand the percussion instruments, particularly the surdo and pandeiro. In this course, I will cover all of this and help you transform the way you play.”

In just 4 modules, you’ll become confident with Brazilian chord positions, substitutions, right-hand rhythms, variations, and other foundational techniques. You’ll gain a competent understanding of Samba, Samba De Roda, Bossa Nova, Choro and Maracatu and learn compositions from the legendary Antonio Carlos Jobim and Garoto.

Brazilian Drum Kit Rhythms

….. the smooth substitutions and chord extensions of Bossa Nova.

Brazilian Guitar Techniques

….. the percussive roots and grooves of essential Brazilian styles.

Popular Brazilian Drum Kit Rhythms

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Learn Brazilian Drum Kit

….. the syncopated right hand rhythms needed to play Samba.

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Tradition Becomes Accessible

Hailing from Sao Paulo, Brazil, London-based guitarist, producer, and master multi-instrumentalist Rafael Valim lives and breathes Brazilian music. From contemporary styles to the classic sounds of Samba and Bossa Nova, Valim embraces it all. In addition to o violão – or the guitar – he is proficient in cavacho, mandolin, pandeiro, cuica, caixa, zabumba, repinique, rebolo and many other traditional instruments

Valim is the man that legendary Brazilian groups like Karametade call when they tour through London, as they know he can put together the local ex-pat backing band and lead them through the set. He’s performed at most of the iconic UK venues including Hammersmith Apollo, The O2, and Ronnie Scotts, and loves introducing the sounds of Brazil to new audiences.

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Great question. This course is designed to suit players of all levels but not absolute beginners. Advanced players will absorb highly intricate textures of Brazilian rhythms, intermediate players will solidify their groove like never before, and beginners will be inspired to accurately study the material and make instant progress. We also have very advanced software which helps to speed up your learning time by providing syncronised guitar tab, notation, popup visual fretboards, slow motion and looping options.

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