Congolese Drum Kit Rhythms


Enforce your groove with ancient African percussive elements, enhance your feel and improve your stamina in just 30 days or your money back.

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Captivating Sound Of Congolese Drums?

Forget the backbeat. The power of Congolese Drum Kit Rhythms will provide lifelong access to a collection of timeless beats allowing you to direct the dancefloor with ease.

This course begins with Congo’s favourite household rhythms; Cavacha, Sebene and Zouk then transports you deep into the traditional village grooves of Zebola, Mutuashi, Kintweni, Agwaya and finally steps accross the border to Cameroon to study Bikutsi.

You won’t just learn how to replicate a drum kit rhythm verbatim but will understand how to develop an authentic African feel and confidently work with an ensemble.

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The Congolese Drum Kit Curriculum


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Module 1 - Learn Soukous, Sebene, Cavache & Zouk - 30.21
  • The Rhythmic Foundations Of Zouk Music 4.52
  • Applying Variations On Hi-Hat And Snare 5.52
  • Including Authentic African Drum Fills 3.27
  • How To Play Soukous Drum Kit Rhythms 7.41
  • Learn Cavache And Sebene Drum Variations 6.29
  • Combining Snare Rhythms With Hi-Hat 3.20
Module 2 - Developing Dynamics & Structure - 24.11
Module 3 - Combining New Skills With The Ensemble - 17.26
Module 4 - How To Play Mutuashi 26.45
  • Introducing The Mutuashi Rhythm 6.02
  • Adding Ghost Notes On The Hi-Hat 2.45
  • Combining Hi-Hat With Rim Shot 3.48
  • Performing Mutuashi With The Band 1.44
  • Traditional Sebene Snare Groove 4.33
  • Lifting The Hi-Hat. Doubling The Kick 3.25
  • Furthering The Variations 3.29
  • Combining Everything You’ve Learnt 2.59
Module 5 - How To Play Bikutsi 13.48
Module 6 - Traditional Congolese Drum Kit Rhythms 33.47
  • Congolese Rumba And Salsa – Folklore, Bikutsi, Suede 4.56
  • How To Play The Kintweni Rhythm 9.33
  • Traditional Zebola Dance Rhythm 8.54
  • Agwaya Groove In 6/8 8.15
  • Farewell From Felix Ngindu 2.09

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African Backing Tracks

congolese drum kit rhythms – deluxe

2.5 hours of detailed lessons teaching you to be proficient in every single rhythm you require to play Congolese drum kit at a professional level.

Learn Congolese Bass Lessons

interactive on-screen notation

Learning new skills is easier with our innovative, interactive tools. Access on-screen notation, tablature, looping, slow motion and more.

African Backing Tracks

felix ngindu – masterclass

Take your study further and watch Felix’s masterclass and find out how to apply his principles into your own musical development.

African Bass Guitar With Live Masterclass And Q&A

african backing tracks

Put your new techniques into practice and jam over traditional African grooves so you can develop your own authentic feel and be confident playing in a variety of new styles.

African Bass Guitar With Live Masterclass And Q&A

sebene heaven – ebook

The bitter-sweet paradox of Congolese Rumba. Andy Morgan’s eBook details the gripping history of the countries main musical export.

Congolese Rumba - Sebene Heaven

franco immortal – album

Download Syran Mbenza’s tribute album to Franco Luambo Makiadi, one of Africa’s all time most influential musicians.

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The African Bass Guitar Masterclass

congolese drum kit rhythms – 2.5 hour online course


interactive on-screen notation


felix ngindu – masterclass


african backing tracks


sebene heaven – ebook


franco immortal – album download


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Master the Congolese drums with the World Music Method.

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Meet Your Teacher

Felix began his pro career with a group called Flash Musica, a kind of informal academy for rising Congolese stars. He was spotted by the legendary singer and bandleader Kofi Olomide, whose outfit featured some of the country’s leading virtuosos.

His musical education continued in the company of one of Congo’s greatest ever drummers, Dju Dju She (from the group Victoria Eleison). Felix re-located from Congo to Cameroon, absorbing new styles and techniques all the way, and finally settled in the UK. From here, he’s travelled across Europe, Asia and Australia in the company of some of his country’s top musicians including Kanda Bongo Man.

Now he’s resident in Liverpool, completed a degree in Popular Music and Production, and focussed on bringing his professional skills and passion for his craft to teaching and training.

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Secrets Of Soukous Drumming

Time to switch from rock music’s classic beat to something contradictory. Time to break away from the verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge-verse-chorus format and experiment with a wholly different structure where the vocal portion of the performance serves as preface to an extended dance section with contrasting demands of the drummer.

Felix leads you through the basic accents, rhythms and drumfills. He splits out every part, teaches you the techniques that attach to each, and then supports you as you pull them all together to create the authentic sound of the Congo.

African Drum Kit Rhythms Online

….. African emotions through the universal language of the drums.

Learn Drum Kit Rhythms in Congo

…..the drumfills used to control the band and dancefloor in Congo.

Congolese Rhythms Lesson

….. Congolese song structure and format through live demonstrations.

Learn African Drum Kit Online

….. slowed down syncopated hi-hat techniques that simplify learning.

Become African Groove Confident

The African Bass Masterclass

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one time payment

✔ 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

After a crash course in Soukous, Zouk, Bikutsi and Sebene drum kit styles you’ll feel completely confident playing a variety of African grooves.