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Congolese Guitar?

But African Music Sounds Complicated

It’s such a complex, intricate multi-layered sound. You’d love to learn but you’ve no idea where to begin. You’re intrigued by the compelling chord voicings and traditional techniques but can’t find a way to translate what you’re hearing onto your own 6 strings. Maybe you’ve not got the time or money to spend the next 20 years travelling through the Congolese countryside tracking down clear resources that speak your language.

Just Learning By Ear Will Never Be Enough

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Soukous Guitar Specialist

Learn Congolese Guitar With Niwel Tsumbu

Let the World Music Method set you on the right road. Take it easy, take it slow, build your confidence and master the art. Explore the vibrant roots and invigorating rhythms of Sebene with one of its most accomplished practitioners.

Back in the day, Niwel Tsumbu was borrowing bits of fishing line and bike cable to build his guitars. Now he’s performed the world over with the likes of Buena Vista Social club, Natty Wailer and Baaba Maal. He’s recorded with Sinead O’Connor, Nigel Kennedy and Michael O’Suilleabhgin. He’s even written a symphony for the radical 20-piece Surge Orchestra.

From Irish folk to jazz, classical, rock and flamenco, Niwel’s story is one of cross-genre, cross-cultural exploration, improvisation, collaboration and integration. But with this session he’ll take you right back to the fundamental rhythms of his African roots, bedded in Soukous, Sebene and Rumba. Where it all began. Niwel is a real one-off. Don’t miss the chance to benefit from learning with this master musician.

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Congolese Guitar Curriculum

Module 1 - The Importance Of Sebene16.39  

Lesson 1 – Sebene Guitar Study – Zaiko Langa Langa4.24

Lesson 2 – Slowing Down The Sebene Lines3.42

Lesson 3 – The Theory Of Combining Guitar Parts 2.57

Lesson 4 – Congolese Rhythm Guitar Approach5.36

Module 2 - Developing Your Congolese Repertoire22.48  

Lesson 5 – 50 Years Of Soukous And Sebene8.08

Lesson 6 – Roxy Thsimpaka’s Vintage Guitar Lines 5.56

Lesson 7 – Wenge Musica – Modern Soukous Guitar4.32

Lesson 8 – Chromatic Variations On Lead Guitar 4.12

Module 3 - Combining Your New Skills18.39  

Lesson 9 – The Importance Of Creating Strong Guitar Lines6.35

Lesson 10 – Play Fingerstyle Rhythm Guitar Like OK Jazz4.54

Lesson 11 – Play Lead Guitar Like The Ba Kongo Tribe7.10

Sebene Guitar Will Seem Simple

In Niwel’s own words: “In the course, I’ll refer to arpeggios, intervals and modes. It’s where all these guitar lines come from. It sounds complex, but it’s all based on simple theory. I never understood much of it myself, and then one day it clicked.”

“I’ve planned these lessons to short-cut all that effort. I’ve broken everything down so that anyone, from any musical background, can quickly pick up the basics, then hone their skills, even if they don’t have any previous experience or knowledge of African music. There’s notation, tabs, and lots of exercises at all kinds of tempos so you can learn at your own pace, in your own way. This is my people’s music. The music of my ancestors and my nation.”

“It’s a real honour to share it with you.”

Online Guitar School

….. your entire musical repertoire with intricate,  chromatic Sebene lines.

Sebene Guitar - Course Features

….. your playing with the 1970s fingerstyle plectrum combo octave technique.

Play Congolese Guitar Online

….. Franco Luambo Makiadi’s interval approach down to the very last detail.

Congolese Guitar Course

….. the Lead-Rhythm relationship to effortlessly blend into ensembles.

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Congolese Guitar Evolution – Online Course

congolese guitar evolution – online course


interactive on-screen notation


live masterclass and q&a


african backing tracks – volume one


sebene heaven – ebook by andy morgan


immortal franco – digital album download


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Congolese Guitar Evolution

congolese guitar evolution

Demystify generations of intricate Soukous & Sebene guitar parts and gain a lifetime of Congolese musical knowledge in just one hour with this in-depth, content-rich course.

Interactive on-screen Notation

interactive on-screen notation

Learning new skills is easier with our innovative, interactive tools. Access on-screen notation, tablature, animated fretboards, variable tempos, and more today.

African Backing Tracks

african backing tracks – volume 1

Put your new techniques into practice and Jam on recordings by the World Music Method tutors over different African grooves including Soukous, Zouk and Afrobeat.

Live Masterclass and Q&A

live masterclass and q&a

Take part in the next session live and receive immediate feedback and answers about anything Congolese music related from Niwel Tsumbu.

Sebene Heaven

sebene heaven – andy morgan

The bitter-sweet paradox of Congolese Rumba. Andy Morgan’s eBook details the gripping history of the countries main musical export.

Franco Immortal – Album

franco immortal – album

Download Syran Mbenza’s tribute album to Franco Luambo Makiadi, one of Africa’s all time most influential musicians.

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