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Edd Bateman’s Rhythm & Truth

Exploring Rhythm and Truth

Inside Edd Bateman’s Groundbreaking Podcast


Dive into the heart of rhythm and the soul of storytelling with “Edd Bateman’s Rhythm & Truth,” a podcast that breaks all the moulds. Hosted by Edd Bateman, a seasoned bass player and founder of World Music Method, this groundbreaking show brings you into the studio for a live band experience unlike any other. Joined by extraordinary talents like Niwel Tsumbu on guitar and the Big Mac on drums, Edd lays down infectious grooves from around the world—Soukous to Afrobeat, Bossa Nova to Hip Hop—as he recounts the riveting stories of his life.

From his early days joining a professional Zimbabwean band at the tender age of 14 to touring the globe, Edd’s journey is anything but ordinary. Through music, he narrates tales of global exploration, encounters with drugs and murder, heartbreak, experiences with witchcraft, spiritual awakenings, the highs and lows of international business, and the raw truths of bankruptcy. “Edd Bateman’s Rhythm & Truth” peels back the curtain on the dynamic lives of musicians on the road, offering an unfiltered look at Edd’s abstract life choices.


But it’s more than just stories and music; it’s an immersive experience that transports listeners across continents and cultures, all while staying grounded in the universal language of rhythm. As the series evolves, Edd will invite musical guests to share their own stories, but the core remains unchanged: continuous, soul-stirring jams that keep the narrative flowing and the listeners hooked.

Whether you’re a music lover, a life adventurer, or simply in search of something genuinely unique, tune into “Edd Bateman’s Rhythm & Truth” for a journey through the beats of the world and the beats of the heart. This isn’t just a podcast; it’s a global musical mission wrapped in the raw, unvarnished truths of life lived at full volume.