Free African Music Lessons

Congolese Guitar Evolution

Learn Congolese Guitar

Study the intricate Congolese guitar styles of Soukous and Sebene which have influenced popular music all over Africa.

The African Bass Masterclass

Learn African Bass

Develop African bass guitar techniques with free access to Soukous, Sungura and Zouk bass lessons.

Congolese Drum Kit Rhythms

Learn Congolese Drum Kit

The root of all rhythm. Discover African drum kit techniques and learn the popular Congolese drumming styles.

Interactive On screen Notations

Learn Desert Guitar Licks

Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Mali, Morocco and the Sahara. Justin Adams teaches desert blues guitar and North African rhythms.

Tribal Fingerstyle Guitar Online

Learn African Fingerstyle Guitar

Gain access to traditional guitar wisdom from Congo’s Ba Ngala, Ba Yombe and Ba Kongo tribes.