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Ancient Indian Tradition

The Hindustani music of northern India is one of the world’s great art forms: astonishingly rich and intellectually complex (but at the same time emotionally powerful and direct), these musical traditions are stunning to listen to and enriching to play. Developed over more than a thousand years, this ancient-yet-living music has absorbed folk traditions, religious ritual and the instruments of foreign invaders. The Hindustani slide guitar is an example of this remarkable musical blend – while the guitar is a Western instrument its origins are in the string traditions of India and Central Asia. Thus when Indian musicians embraced the guitar they didn’t simply copy Westerners, instead they adapted it to the ragas played on sitar and sarod. What they developed is one of the world’s most unique and hauntingly beautiful slide guitar styles.

Here East meets West and musical enlightenment beckons.

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The Indian Slide Guitar Curriculum


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Module 1 - An Introduction To North Indian Music - 40.15
  • Lesson 1 – Welcome To The Course1.56
  • Lesson 2 – An Introduction To North Indian Music10.13
  • Lesson 3 – What Is A Raga3.03
  • Lesson 4 – Avoha Avaroha – Ascending And Descending7.48
  • Lesson 5 – Taal – The Concept Of Indian Rhythm8.07
  • Lesson 6 – What Is An Indian Slide Guitar8.07
  • Lesson 7 – Adapting These Concepts To 6 String Guitar2.02
Module 2 - Raga Bhupali - Rajasthani Folk Song - 60.48
  • Lesson 8 – Raga Bhupali – Rajasthani Folk Song5.05
  • Lesson 9 – Guitar Tuning For Raga Bhupali5.05
  • Lesson 10 – Bandish – Understanding The Background4.39
  • Lesson 11 – Keharwa Taal – Explaining The Theka2.52
  • Lesson 12 – Learning The Rajasthani Melody6.05
  • Lesson 13 – Alamkar In Raga Bhupali5.35
  • Lesson 14 – Learning Tihai One3.50
  • Lesson 15 – Tihai Two – Demonstration0.52
  • Lesson 16 – Tihai Two – Breaking Down The Details2.59
  • Lesson 17 – Learning Tihai Three2.32
  • Lesson 18 – Learning Tihai Four2.07
  • Lesson 19 – Learning Tihai Five2.45
  • Lesson 20 – Raga Bhupali With Notation5.05
  • Lesson 21 – The Concept Of An Allap11.00
Module 3 - Dhun - Raga Bhairavi - 62.42
  • Lesson 22 – Dhun – Raga Bhairavi7.01
  • Lesson 23 – Guitar Tuning For Raga Bhairavi1.55
  • Lesson 24 – What Is A Dhun2.57
  • Lesson 25 – Dadra Taal – Rhythm Explanation2.17
  • Lesson 26 – Learning The Bhairavi Melody Part One5.29
  • Lesson 27 – Learning The Bhairavi Melody Part Two3.56
  • Lesson 28 – Learning The Bhairavi Melody Part Three5.05
  • Lesson 29 – Studying Tihai One3.05
  • Lesson 30 – Studying Tihai Two8.31
  • Lesson 31 – Studying The Allap5.42
  • Lesson 32 – Furthering The Allap8.36
  • Lesson 33 – Dhun – Raga Bhairavi With Notation7.01
  • Lesson 34 – Thanks For Learning With Us1.00

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Meet Your Teacher

Fernando Perez is a master musician who began playing Spanish guitar aged seven and by the following year was enrolled in the Zaragoza music conservatory. He has since dedicated 40 years to immersing himself in the detailed study of each of the worlds’ major, and lesser known guitar styles. From B.B Kings’ Hollywood blues club to Egypt’s Alexandria Opera House, Fernando has performed the world over for music lovers, guitar enthusiasts and royalty alike (ranging from Kings and Queens to Prince – the artist formerly known as.)

Having contributed to multiple Grammy award winning productions, released over 20 of his own world guitar dedicated albums and featured on educational publications by Hal Leonard, Universal and Warner, Fernando takes his inspiration from an ever unquenched thirst for musical knowledge.

He’s studied and/or taught traditional music at Maui Music Conservatory (Hawaii), Istanbul University (Turkey), Shanghai Music conservatory (China), Labyrinth Music Centre (Greece), Musicians Institute (USA) and after hearing the Indian guitar sounds of V.M. Bhatt and Debashish Bhattacharya he moved to India to spend the next three years studying in Jaipur. Of his experience there, Perez says that the most important lesson he learnt was this: the master musician is not the technical virtuoso like in the West but the one who truly conveys so well the character of the Raga/person that it is manifested in the place.”

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Intricate Rhythms, Exotic Melodies

The Hindustani slide guitar evokes the myriad sounds of India: from Jaipur’s temples to the holy Ganges river, played across the lap its six strings often tuned D A D D A D build a bridge between the sitar and the Delta blues slide guitar tradition. Playing a raga on the Hindustani slide guitar evokes the Indian saying that “a raga is like a person. The more time you spend with it the more you know it, but never knowing it all.” Indeed, no one can know all there is to learn about music but the courses Fernando Perez teaches on the Hindustani slide guitar will lead guitarists to new levels of insight and understanding.

Perez emphasises, the techniques taught here can be brought into all manner of slide guitar playing. While he will be teaching Hindustani slide guitar his background in Spanish, Hawaiian and blues guitar ensures that he understands how techniques and sounds can be shared and illuminate different instrumental traditions. “These ragas are ideal for musicians who like fusion – you can experiment with them beyond the strict rules of classical Indian music.”

Guitar techniques of Debashish Bhattacharya
….. contemporary right hand picking techniques combining drone with melody.
Online Indian music lessons
….. the Hindustani concept of groove where the beats – Theka define the Taal – rhythm.
Popular Brazilian Drum Kit Rhythms
….. traditional Indian slide techniques and emulate the sensational sounds of the sitar.
Learn Brazilian Drum Kit
….. your musical vocabulary with Indian melodic approaches applied to 6 string guitar.

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