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Latin American Folk Guitar?

Welcome to the intensely syncopated Cuban style of “Son” folk music, made famous by the Buena Vista Social Club. Multiple musical roots combine to create Son’s lively but laid-back, up-beat and spirited sound. Re-invented for solo guitar by the masterly Camilo Menjura, this course puts a whole 13-piece band in your own two hands. By the end, you’ll be note and pitch-perfect in one of Cuba’s Son classics – “El Cuarto Del Tula”. If you fancy a trip into the intricate, mesmerizing music of South America, guided by one of the greats, then pack your bags and travel with the maestro.

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Camilo grew up in Bogota. 11 years’ learning local folk by ear inspired him to study classical guitar at one of Colombia’s top music Academies. He emerged with a rich understanding of musical theory and harmony, a refreshed perspective on traditional music, and a sharp insight into how to teach his native sound to students versed in orthodox approaches to the guitar.

Now based in Britain, he’s twice won Musician of the Year at the UK Latin Awards. His work spans everything from composing film and theatre scores to appearances at the Mali Festival of the Desert and WOMAD, through to leading London’s extraordinary World Music Choir. Composer, performer, teacher: Camilo is a multi-talented, dynamic, ambassador for Colombian culture.

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In Just 21 Lessons

Module 1 - Study Joropo - Colombia & Venezuela36.23  

Lesson 1 – Del Otro Lado – Modern Colombian Folk Guitar4.36

Lesson 2 – Learn The Rhythm Of Joropo Music3.00

Lesson 3 – Understand Right Hand Strumming Patterns5.14

Lesson 4 – How To Add Variations In The Bass6.21

Lesson 5 – Add Texture With Muting And Pedal Notes 4.30

Lesson 6 – Combining The Right Hand Patterns7.30

Lesson 7 – Classic Venezuelan Guitar Ending Phrase1.32

Lesson 8 – Copas Para Mi Pueblo – Complete Song3.40

Module 2 - Developing Your Guitar Techniques19.59  

Lesson 9 – Learning “Montilla” From Venezuela3.01

Lesson 10 – Finger Strengthening Chromatic Guitar Exercises 5.28

Lesson 11 – Slowing It Down With The Metronome4.24

Lesson 12 – Fretboard Familiarity With Chord Exercises7.06

Module 3 - Learn To Play Cuban Son36.24  

Lesson 13 – How To Play “El Cuarto De Tula” On Guitar5.05

Lesson 14 – Keep It Interesting With Right Hand Variations7.01

Lesson 15 – Latin American Chord Substitutions3.59

Lesson 16 – How Chord Substitutions Affect The Melody 3.27

Lesson 17 – Studying The Bridge Section4.47

Lesson 18 – Performing The Complete Song So Far1.50

Lesson 19 – Deeper Theory – Chord Reharmonisation4.41

Lesson 20 – Learning The Introduction3/54

Lesson 21 – How To Accompany The Melody4.44

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The Vibrancy Of Latin Music

In creating this course, Camilo broke down the multiple parts of Son and the Columbo-Venezuelan border sounds of Joropo then re-constructed them to fit six strings. He leads you through a radically original combination of left and right-hand techniques which together recreate the syncopated sound of traditional folk instruments and percussion that characterise Latin America. He demystifies the music by demonstrating the simplest of steps in graded tempos.

Through close-ups, slo-mo, notation, tablature and animated fretboards he’ll teach you to synthesise your newly-learned skills into a tour de force solo performance of “Copas Para Mi Pueblo”.

Learn Latin American Folk Guitar

….. how to replicate the sound of a 10-piece band with just two hands.

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….. the rich musical harmony of South American chord structure.

Learn Latin Folk Guitar

….. dynamic, contextual song examples with all of the vocals included.

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….. the percussive strumming patterns of Joropo into your own language.

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Unlock the secrets of traditional Cuban, Colombian, and Venezuelan folk music from the comfort of your own home in this authentic, content-rich 1.5-hour online guitar course.

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Latin American Folk Guitar

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