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Total Immersion Congolese Bass

Total Immersion Congolese Bass will completely reshape your understanding of the bass guitar and the role it plays within the ensemble. Featuring an all star cast of tutors; Godé Lofombo, Niwel Tsumbu, Felix Ngindu and Edd Bateman teaching 9 live interactive lessons the course is designed not only to get you playing Congolese basslines verbatim, but rather to give you the tools needed to build up your own musical arsenal and create with confidence. 

You can participate in the lessons live or watch the replays anytime at your own convenience with lifetime access. This course is designed as an add on to compliment the African Bass Masterclass. By having lessons taught by two bassists, a drummer and a guitarist you will learn not just the approach to Soukous and Sebene bass of Lofombo and Edd Bateman but also how to play with a drummer and guitarist. How to follow the signals and fills from the drum kit and the best way to design basslines that perfectly accompany the guitar.

Thursday Sept 2nd – The History Of Sebene - 5pm UTC +1
  • Niwel Tsumbu teaches about the development of Congolese music from the early days of traditional Rumba right through to the present day chart hits of Soukous and Sebene 60.00
Tuesday Sept 7th - Constructing Congolese Basslines - 7pm UTC +1
  • Edd Bateman guides you through the course material and further explains the simple rhythmic formulas for constructing authentic Congolese basslines 60.00
Thursday Sept 9th - How To Accompany The Drumkit - 5pm UTC +1
  • Felix Ngindu demonstrates the popular drumkit rhythms of Congolese music and explains how the drums and bass work together within this genre 60.00
Tuesday Sept 14th - Sebene Bass Masterclass - 5pm UTC +1
  • Direct from Kinshasa join the legendary Godé Lofombo for a live masterclass from the most influential Congolese bass player of his generation. 60.00
Thursday Sept 16th - Ensemble Workshop - 5pm UTC +1
  • Niwel Tsumbu, Felix Ngindu and Edd Bateman team up to teach about the structure of live performances and how to work together as a band. 60.00
Tuesday Sept 21st - Live Q&A Session - 7pm UTC +1
  • Bring your questions and get direct answers and feedback about anything you’re working on through the course from Edd Bateman. 60.00
Thursday Sept 23rd - The Marathon Soukous Jam - 5pm UTC +1
  • Join Niwel Tsumbu, Felix Ngindu and Edd Bateman for a non-stop one hour Congolese jam and develop your stamina in a live situation 60.00
Tuesday Sept 28th - Congolese Thumb Technique - 7pm UTC +1
  • Edd Bateman breaks down and explains how to comfortably play with the Congolese thumb technique.60.00
Thursday Sept 30th - Live Q&A Session - 5pm UTC +1
  • Bring your questions and get direct answers and feedback about anything you’re working on through the course from Edd Bateman. 60.00

Learn Essential African Bass Styles

Learn African Bass Guitar

….. your African musical repertoire with melodic Sebene basslines.

Congolese Bass Lessons

….. the traditional Congolese right hand thumb approach with accuracy.

Play African Bass Guitar

….. your rhythm section relationship with contextual groove examples.

African Bass Techniques

….. your entire musicality with new authentic African bass techniques.

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Master Congolese Bass

African Bass Guitar With Live Masterclass And Q&A

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Learn African Bass Guitar

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You don’t need to travel across the continent. In fact, you don’t even need to leave your house. Build up your Congolese bass literacy risk-free today – with a 30-day money-back guarantee, there’s never been a better time to get started.

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