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Congolese Bass

Sept 1 -30

dream of capturing the powerful rhythm and

Captivating Sound Of Congolese Bass?

A common saying in western pop and rock music is that you don’t notice the bass guitar until it’s gone. In Congo, this statement couldn’t be further from the truth. The Soukous and Sebene bass styles never fall into the background – they’re the driving force that dictates whether the crowd dances, takes a break, or heads home for the night. In the capital Kinshasa, nightclubs are famous for 5-hour marathon concerts, and the bass player is who makes that happen. The importance of the bassline to African music is easy to identify, but the techniques and skills used are much more difficult to conquer. The thought process behind the bassline is an art form in itself, and you’d have to spend the next 20 years traveling the continent town to town to ever stand a chance at fully grasping everything.

You need an experienced pro to show you the way.


Hidden Secrets And Expert Techniques

Learn African Music Online

At age 14, Edd Bateman overheard a touring Zimbabwean band from Harare auditioning at his neighbour’s house, and he’s been hooked on African music since. Following a brief stint as a heavy metal bass payer, Edd began focusing on mastering African music from all corners of the continent. Now, 20 years and several thousand concerts later, Edd specializes in taking the complicated intricacies and nuances of African genres and explaining them in a universally understood manner.

After honing his skills in Africa in his twenties, Edd returned to the UK, where he toured with prominent African bands and served as bandleader for ‘Edd Bateman’s West African Love Affair’ and ‘London Astrobeat Orchestra’. Today, he is focused on sharing this expert knowledge and making it easier for students of all backgrounds to embrace African music.

Live Lesson Schedule

All live lessons are also recorded to watch again anytime with lifetime access.

Thursday Sept 2nd – The History Of Sebene 5pm UTC +1  

Niwel Tsumbu teaches about the development of Congolese music from the early days of traditional Rumba right through to the present day chart hits of Soukous and Sebene 60.00

Tuesday Sept 7th - Constructing Congolese Basslines 7pm UTC +1 

Edd Bateman guides you through the course material and further explains the simple rhythmic formulas for constructing authentic Congolese basslines 60.00

Thursday Sept 9th - How To Accompany The Drumkit 5pm UTC +1  

Felix Ngindu demonstrates the popular drumkit rhythms of Congolese music and explains how the drums and bass work together within this genre 60.00

Tuesday Sept 14th - Sebene Bass Masterclass 7pm UTC +1  

Direct from Kinshasa join the legendary Godé Lofombo for a live masterclass from the most influential Congolese bass player of his generation 60.00

Thursday Sept 16th - Ensemble Workshop 5pm UTC +1  

Niwel Tsumbu, Felix Ngindu and Edd Bateman team up to teach about the structure of live performances and how to work together as a band. 60.00

Tuesday Sept 21st - Live Q&A Session 7pm UTC +1  

Bring your questions and get direct answers and feedback about anything you're working on through the course from Edd Bateman 60.00

Thursday Sept 23rd - The Marathon Soukous Jam 5pm UTC +1  

Join Niwel Tsumbu, Felix Ngindu and Edd Bateman for a non-stop one hour Congolese jam and develop your stamina in a live situation 60.00

Tuesday Sept 28th - Congolese Thumb Technique7pm UTC +1  

Edd Bateman breaks down and explains how to comfortably play with the Congolese thumb technique. 60.00

Thursday Sept 30th - Live Q&A Session 5pm UTC +1  

Bring your questions and get direct answers and feedback about anything you're working on through the course from Edd Bateman 60.00

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On-Demand Course Material

Module 1 - Learn Soukous And Sebene Bass49.39  

Lesson 1 - What We'll Be Covering2.40

Lesson 2 - A Brief History Of Congolese Music4.23

Lesson 3 - Learning Soukous and Sebene Basslines2.31

Lesson 4 - The Congolese Thumb Technique7.12

Lesson 5 - The Formula For Adding Variations5.40

Lesson 6 - Putting Variations Together In A Live Context3.07

Lesson 7 - Practising Your Own Basslines5.23

Lesson 8 - Soukous Bass Style On A 1 4 5 4 Chord Progression4.32

Lesson 9 - Going Deeper Into Congolese Bass8.18

Lesson 10 - Try Creating With The Backing Track5.51

Module 2 - Study Zouk Basslines33.26  

Lesson 11 – How Zouk Came Back To Africa3.04

Lesson 12 – Playing Zouk With Bouncing Basslines3.29

Lesson 13 – Varying The Chordtones To Keep It Interesting7.50

Lesson 14 – Play Your Own Zouk Lines6.09

Lesson 15 – Playing Two Chord Zouk With Flowing Basslines 6.27

Lesson 16 – Attempt Your Own Zouk Grooves With The Band6.27

Module 3 - How To Play Sungura27.21  

Lesson 17 – My Journey In Sungura Music3.04

Lesson 18 – How To Play Sungura Basslines1.48

Lesson 19 – Arpeggios in African Music 3.36

Lesson 20 – Experiment With Your Own Basslines5.23

Lesson 21 – Learn Sungura Grooves In E Major2.28

Lesson 22 – Staccato Sungura Basslines And Variations7.27

Lesson 23 – Put It Into Practice Yourself5.23

Module 4 - Translate Pop Basslines16.45  

Lesson 24 – Billie Jean – Michael Jackson3.28

Lesson 25 – Come Together – The Beatles5.11

Lesson 26 – Under Pressure – Queen 8.06

Module 5 - Basic Techniques & Ear Training32.34  

Lesson 27 – Basic Techniques And Dexterity Exercises8.29

Lesson 28 – Learning The Scales Throughout The Fretboard5.00

Lesson 29 – Ear Training Ab Major5.31

Lesson 30 – Ear Training Bb Major2.55

Lesson 31 – Ear Training C# Minor4.47

Lesson 32 – Ear Training Rhythms3.45

Lesson 33 – Thanks For Learning With Us2.07

Learn Essential African Bass Styles

Total Immersion Congolese Bass will completely reshape your understanding of the bass guitar and the role it plays within the ensemble. Featuring an all star cast of tutors; Godé Lofombo, Niwel Tsumbu, Felix Ngindu and Edd Bateman teaching 9 live interactive lessons the course is designed not only to get you playing Congolese basslines verbatim, but rather to give you the tools needed to build up your own musical arsenal and create with confidence. The 30-day experience consists of these live sessions combined with the entire pre-recorded course ‘The African Bass Masterclass’.

In The African Bass Masterclass you’ll learn how Soukous and Sebene basslines lay the key foundation for internalising African rhythms and syncopations, cover the Zimbabwean genre of Sungura, and then breakdown the smooth grooves of Zouk. With the clear notation, bass tab, illuminated fretboards, variable tempos, and in-depth explanations, bass players of all backgrounds will develop African musical literacy in no time.

You might ask why does a Congolese bass course include the Afro-Caribbean genre Zouk and the Zimbabwean Sungura. Well, in the early 80’s a group called Kassav from Guadeloupe performed in Congo on the national television playing their tradition genre of Zouk. It was such a huge hit that the Congolese instantly adopted this rhythm and used it in so many of their popular songs that it would be impossible to competently play their music without a competent knowledge of this. Sungura evolved when travellers arrived in Zimbabwe armed with records of Congolese Soukous hits. The locals loved it and developed their own genre around it so in order to demonstrate more ways to keep basslines interesting over similar chord progressions we thought this would be an interesting learning experience.

Learn African Bass Guitar

….. your African musical repertoire with melodic Sebene basslines.

Congolese Bass Lessons

….. the traditional Congolese right hand thumb approach with accuracy.

Play African Bass Guitar

….. your rhythm section relationship with contextual groove examples.

African Bass Techniques

….. your entire musicality with new authentic African bass techniques.

develop expert knowledge

Master Congolese Bass

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The African Bass Masterclass

9 live lessons and q&a


the african bass masterclass – online course


interactive on-screen notation


african backing tracks – volume one


sebene heaven – ebook by andy morgan


immortal franco – digital album download


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Course begins Sept 1st.

African Bass Lessons

the african bass masterclass

This 2-hour course simplifies the iconic African bass and makes it easy to create unique, authentic basslines, even without any previous knowledge of the style.

Learn Congolese Bass Lessons

interactive on-screen notation

Learning new skills is easier with our innovative, interactive tools. Access on-screen notation, tablature, animate fretboards, variable tempos, and more.

African Bass Guitar With Live Masterclass And Q&A

9 live lessons
and q&a

Join Godé Lofombo, Niwel Tsumbu, Felix Ngindu and Edd Bateman delivering 9 live interactive lessons teaching the full spectrum of Congolese music.

African Backing Tracks

african backing tracks – volume 1

Put your new techniques into practice and Jam on recordings by the World Music Method tutors over different African grooves including Soukous, Zouk and Afrobeat.

Congolese Rumba - Sebene Heaven

sebene heaven – andy morgan

The bitter-sweet paradox of Congolese Rumba. Andy Morgan’s eBook details the gripping history of the countries main musical export.

Musician Franco Immortal – Album

immortal franco – album

Download Syran Mbenza’s tribute album to Franco Luambo Makiadi, one of Africa’s all time most influential musicians.

Learn African Bass Guitar

discover the

Secrets Of Soukous Bass

You don’t need to travel across the continent. In fact, you don’t even need to leave your house. Build up your Congolese bass literacy risk-free today – with a 30-day money-back guarantee, there’s never been a better time to get started.

Take your Congolese bass skills to the next level with the World Music Method today.

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Lifetime Access For Only


Early bird discount. First 100 students only!

Course begins Sept 1st.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does The Lifetime Access Work? All of the course material, live lessons and additional resources can be viewed again anytime. There is a lot of information and you may learn something new that you missed the first time.

What Happens If I Miss The Live Lessons? All the live lessons will also be recorded so you can watch again anytime. As we learn through repetition, this is encouraged.

What Happens If I Previously Bought The African Bass Masterclass Course? After purchasing Total Immersion Congolese Bass you will automatically be refunded to the same value that you previously spent on The African Bass Masterclass. The refund will take 3-5 working days to arrive.

What Level Of Experience Do I Need To Take The Course? You can work through the lessons at your own pace. It may take you longer than 30 days to complete. The course material has on-screen notation, bass tab, illuminated fretboard diagrams and the ability to slow down or loop sections so whatever level of bass playing experience you have, these additional learning tools will help you get the most out of the lessons.

How Does The Money Back Guarantee Work? If for any reason the course does not liveup to your expectation. Simply send us an email before the October 1st and we’ll promptly refund you in full.

If you have further questions reach us at [email protected]