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Learn How to Play Congolese Bass
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What You Will Learn

  • Tues Feb 15 – Begin by understanding the fundamental formulas that underpin Congolese basslines.
  • Thurs Feb 17 – Learn the history of 20th century Congolese music from Kinshasa verteran musician Jeannot Bel.
  • Tues Feb 22 – Level up your lines and learn how to adapt to different rhythms in a performance setting.
  • Thurs Feb 24 – Develop your ensemble skills while playing alongside legendary drummer Felix Ngindu.
  • Tues Mar 01 – Perfect your basslines and learn the tools necessary to develop your own authentic Congolese lines.
  • Thurs Mar 03 – Put everything you’ve learnt into practice whilst jamming with Felix Ngindu’s rhythms.

What You Will Receive

6 live 1 hour masterclasses taught by edd bateman, jeannot bel & felix ngindu


recordings of each session with on-screen notation which you can keep forever


direct tutor feedback. send in videos playing what you’ve learnt & we’ll advise what you can improve


All live sessions happen at 6pm London time GMT and are recorded. If you can’t make the sessions live, no problem, you’ll have access to the recordings with on-screen notation and will still be able to connect with the tutors to get some feedback and tips.

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Master The Congolese Bass…

…and you’ll unlock the secret to creating rhythmical basslines that can direct the dancefloor in any genre


If for any reason these lessons do not meet your expectations simply let us know within 30 days of purchasing and we’ll happily refund you in full.

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