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North African Desert Guitar

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Desert Blues Licks

The blues? Rock n roll? The pentatonic scale? Where did it all come from?

Ask ten music historians and you’ll get twelve different answers but the academic consensus is that the roots of blues and rock can be traced to North and West Africa. Travel the Sahara today and you’ll hear traditional scales, grooves, and vocal melodies emanating out of battery-powered amps. Desert blues – a hypnotic, historic, and mesmerizing style that is thought to have directly influenced the rich musical traditions of the Mississippi delta.

World Music Method, along with master guitarist Justin Adams, wants to help make these influential Saharan guitar techniques easier to learn.

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Iconic Guitar Styles

The traditional rhythms of North Africa are diverse and encompass several present-day countries and cultures, each with its own key influences. From the funky, Arabic-influenced grooves of Algerian Rai music to rhythmic Saharan guitar techniques, to understand the desert guitar is to understand thousands of years of melody and culture.

Justin Adams, a London-born guitarist who has collaborated with the likes of Robert Plant, Sinead O’Connor, and Gambian griot Juldeh Camara, spent parts of his formative years in Egypt, where he developed a love of North African sounds. Since then, he has immersed himself in the music of the region and is honoured to share his knowledge with the world.

“As a guitarist growing up listening to Hendrix, Blues, Funk, Reggae and Rock and Roll, North and West African music was a revelation. The guitarists took elements from traditional music and added a modern swagger that revealed rock’s African roots.”

Free Music Lessons: Learn Desert Guitar (#89)

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Online Guitar Tutorials

This expertly crafted desert guitar course puts an entire region’s rich musical history right at your fingertips. Over four comprehensive modules, instructor Justin Adams walks students through Arabic-influenced Sufi and Rai music, the 6/8 grooves of North Africa, Moroccan Gnawa music, desert tunings, and more.

In addition to teaching foundational techniques for guitarists of all levels, Justin also goes into detail about the roots and origins of each unique style.

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Free Music Lessons: Learn Desert Guitar (#89)

Learn the iconic guitar styles of the Sahara and beyond with Justin Adams and add a new dimension to your repertoire.

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