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Mediterranean Guitar

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Explore The Sounds of the Mediterranean Sea

Music brings people together, and nowhere is that more evident than in the Mediterranean. For generations, musical styles, techniques, and instruments have traveled freely across the sea.

When we talk about Mediterranean guitar music, dozens of images and sounds come to mind. Are you standing in a crowded market in Egypt as a street performer captivates listeners gathered around him? Maybe you are in a Spanish flamenco bar, watching as dancers move to the up-tempo sounds of the rumba flamenca? Or at a community gathering celebrating the occasion with the Bulgarian Rachentiza or the Greek Rebetiko?

These unique styles have some key differences, but they also share many distinct similarities – that’s the beauty of the Mediterranean guitar.


Learn Regional Music From An Expert Guide

Fernando Perez is a master musician who began playing Spanish guitar aged seven and by the following year was enrolled in the Zaragoza music conservatory. He has since dedicated 40 years to immersing himself in the detailed study of each of the worlds’ major, and lesser known guitar styles. From B.B Kings’ Hollywood blues club to Egypt’s Alexandria Opera House, Fernando has performed the world over for music lovers, guitar enthusiasts and royalty alike (ranging from Kings and Queens to Prince – the artist formerly known as.)

Having contributed to multiple Grammy award winning productions, released over 20 of his own world guitar dedicated albums and featured on educational publications by Hal Leonard, Stefan Grossman Guitar Workshop, Mel Bay, Universal and Warner, Fernando takes his inspiration from an ever unquenched thirst for musical knowledge.

He’s studied and/or taught traditional music at Maui Music Conservatory (Hawaii), Istanbul University (Turkey), Shanghai Music conservatory (China), Labyrinth Music Centre (Greece) and Musicians Institute (USA) on a never ending journey of personal guitar development. He took his guitar and lived in Egypt, Greece and India embarking in the search for local masters who would teach him the secrets of their native music.”

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Master Unique International Genres

Module 1 - Bulgarian Rachenitza 26.21  

Lesson 1 - A Demonstration Of Rachenitza 2.01

Lesson 2 - An Introduction To Bulgarian Music 5.23

Lesson 3 - Learning The Second Part Of The Melody 2.50

Lesson 4 - Bulgarian Melodic Ornaments 5.58

Lesson 5 - Harmonising The Melody And Rhythmic Drive 3.13

Module 2 - Egyptian 6.11  

Lesson 6 - Asseh Kahlo - Egyptian Music Applied To The Guitar 4.01

Lesson 7 - Making Your Guitar Sound Like An Arabic Oud 9.45

Lesson 8 - Egyptian-Nubian Scales 1.23

Lesson 9 - Playing Arabic Taqsim 2.38

Lesson 10 - Malfuf Rhythm On Guitar 3.48

Lesson 11 - Continuing The Melody 9.45

Lesson 12 - Thumb Tremolo & Malfuf Variations 5.19

Module 3 - Spanish Rumba 53.30  

Lesson 13 - Spanish Rumba - Alexandrina 2.46

Lesson 14 - Introduction, Breaking Down The Rumba Rhythm 4.33

Lesson 15 - Flamenco Cadence Chords & Strumming Techniques 5.21

Lesson 16 - Techniques - Alzapua & Golpe 3.07

Lesson 17 - Evoking The Oud With Guitar 3.12

Lesson 18 - Breaks - Paco De Lucia 6.24

Module 4 - Spanish Rumba 53.30  

Lesson 19 - O Elenikos Filos Mou 1.54

Lesson 20 - Rebetiko - The Greek Blues 5.03

Lesson 21 - Learning The Melody 3.55

Lesson 22 - Evoking The Greek Bouzouki On Guitar 3.16

Lesson 23 - Improvising Over Zeybekiko Rhythm 2.23

Lesson 24 - Dorian Augmented 4th Scale 4.18

4 regional variations

Play Mediterranean Music Like A Pro

In this content-rich introductory course, Fernando will guide you on a similar journey of shared musical styles. You’ll learn how the urban, blues-like Greek Rebetiko differs from the folk-style Bulgarian Rachentiza, and how the iconic, world-renowned Spanish rumba deviates from some of the classic styles of Egyptian guitar. More importantly, you’ll learn what unites these sounds under the banner of Mediterranean music.

As a Spaniard with a lifelong love of music from the Balkans who has spent considerable time living in Egypt, Fernando is the perfect tour guide for your journey across the sea.

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