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Meet The Heads Of Faculty

Fernando Perez – Head of Asian & European Guitar. Enrolled in the Zaragosa music conservatoire aged 8, Fernando has dedicated 40 years to studying music from every continent.

Niwel Tsumbu – Head of African Guitar. Congolese virtuoso Niwel Tsumbu’s career stretches from his African roots as far as to Flamenco or Irish trad.

Camilo Menjura – Head of Latin American Guitar. Colombian master musician and choir leader Camilo Menjura combines extensive study from classical academies with a lifelong passion for researching Latin American folk.

Change Your Perception Of Guitar

If you ever find yourself picking up the guitar, playing the same old thing and then getting bored and putting it down, you’re in need of new inspiration. New stimulating musical sounds and a new passionate teacher who will guide through a new genre. Click below to choose a course from Africa, Latin America or India and change your perception of the guitar today.

Hindustani Slide Guitar

Fernando Perez

The Indian approach to slide guitar techniques and melody.


Congolese Guitar Evolution

Niwel Tsumbu

Study deep Soukous and Sebene with a world class expert.


Latin American Folk Guitar

Camilo Menjura

Immerse yourself in the authentic sounds of South America.