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World Music Method

A World Of Music, Right At Your Fingertips

A generation ago, learning unique global musical styles was inaccessible and expensive. There were courses and lessons available in major world cities, but often, musicians aspiring to learn complex regional styles had to travel to the source.

These days, there’s a smarter way to expand your repertoire…

Through partnerships with a curated selection of established world music superstars, World Music Method brings the most exciting sounds from Africa, South America, Asia, and Europe into your living room.

When you become a member, you gain exclusive access to a roster of established pros who can take you on a (virtual) trip to musical genres from across the globe.

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Unprecedented Access to Global Styles

Learn African Music Online

Joining the World Music Method is like gaining entry to one of the coolest (virtual) jam sessions on the planet.

Do you want to learn South American folk guitar from Colombia’s Camilo Menjura or take a trip to Brazil with Cyro Zuzi and Rafael Valim? You can explore Mediterranean music with Spanish guitarist Fernando Perez, or travel to Congo with Niwel Tsumbu, Jeannot Bel and Felix Ngindu. Looking for a mix of genres? World Music Method founder Edd Bateman and noted UK guitarist Justin Adams have both traveled the world learning new styles that they’d love to share with you.

Membership unlocks all that, and more. The journey forward is 100% up to you.

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Master Unique International Genres

Each course has been created by its instructor to give you the most authentic experience – as a World Music Method member, you can access the content anytime.

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Bass Courses  

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Turkish Guitar Styles

Flamenco Guitar Method

African Ensemble Guitar

Senegalese Drum Kit Rhythms

Brazilian Drum Kit Rhythms Part 2

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Go Beyond The Course

In addition to on-demand access to our entire library of courses, World Music Method Guitar Academy or Bass Academy members also enjoy new streamable weekly lessons with regular contests and challenges for evaluating your progression and exclusive access to live workshops. Participate directly with your tutor from 6-7 pm London time, or catch up on the recorded content later with on-screen notation and tablature.

New lessons for Guitar Academy are released Monday, Bass Academy drops on Tuesday, and Thursday’s feature general sessions covering music theory, ear training, ensemble skills, rhythm training, and more.


Jan 3
Flamenco Guitar
Fernando Perez

Jan 10
Desert Guitar
Justin Adams

Jan 17
Latin American Guitar
Camilo Menjura

Jan 24
Congolese Sebene Guitar
Niwel Tsumbu

Jan 31
Congolese Rumba Guitar
Jeannot Bel


Jan 4
African Bass
Edd Bateman

Jan 11
African Bass
Bakithi Kumalo

Jan 18
African Bass
Edd Bateman

Jan 25
African Bass
Edd Bateman


Jan 6
Indian Music
Fernando Perez

Jan 13
Afro Colombian Music
Adrian Sabogal

Jan 20
Odd Metre Rhythms
Fernando Perez

Jan 27
African Ensemble Workshop
Edd Bateman

Authentic, On-Demand Training

World Music Method was created to give musicians across the globe access to musical genres from off the beaten path. A WMM membership enables you to take full advantage of this.

Play African Bass Guitar

….. your rhythm section relationship with contextual groove examples.

Online Guitar School

….. your entire musical repertoire with intricate,  chromatic Sebene lines.

Lap steel slide guitar course

….. the rhythms of North Africa, understood from a guitarist’s perspective.

African Bass Techniques

….. your entire musicality with enhanced African bass techniques.

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Congolese Drum Kit Rhythms - Felix Ngindu
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Congolese Drum Kit Rhythms - Felix Ngindu
Weekly guided lessons £297
All studio courses £97
Interactive on-screen notation £77
Backing tracks £17
Album downloads and ebooks £10
Monthly feedback £10

£89 / month

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Latin American Folk Guitar

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To Your Success

World Music Method was created to help musicians explore new genres and develop new skills from the comfort of home. If, for whatever reason, you feel that you are not benefiting from and/or enjoying our content, you can opt out of your membership at any time.

There’s nothing to lose…and a world of new music to gain.

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