The Art Of The Duo

With 18 years of collaboration, Niwel Tsumbu and Éamonn Cagney boast remarkable musical synergy, delivering captivating performances across diverse genres like traditional Irish, jazz, world, and electronic. Beyond their duo work, they’ve left an indelible mark in various musical forms, from opera to soundtracks. Their recordings and videos, featured in national and international media, showcase their versatility. Anticipate an engaging concert, an intimate yet elaborate musical journey blending classical guitar with Central African influences, pulsating rhythms, and infectious melodies. Praised by The Irish Times and Mel Mercier, their duo promises an authentic and exciting cross-cultural musical experience.

Mwana Moyi

Sung in Niwel’s native language, Lingala, this initiation song beckons us into a fearless realm. It implores us to place our trust in nature and the fundamental elements that compose our being, assuring us that adherence to the right path will invoke the protective embrace of our environment. With its epic and thunderous resonance, the lyrics serve as a powerful catalyst for confidence, propelling us towards a life of greatness and positivity.


Tsumbu unveils ‘Kanzenzenze,’ his exquisite rendition of a traditional African folk song. The composition delves into the nostalgia of carefree days spent playing with friends, capturing the essence of how childhood memories can provide solace in our adult lives. Tsumbu reflects on the song’s origins, describing it as a playful tune from his youth. It was a melody sung during childhood games where participants sat in a line, pointed at their feet, and counted while singing, ultimately eliminating the one on whom the last note fell.

Words Of Wisdom

Featuring acclaimed violinist Cora Venus Lunny and insights from figures like Maya Angelou, Malala Yousafzai, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Jane Goodall, and Joseph Campbell, “Words of Wisdom” delves into societal challenges. Angelou emphasizes courage, compassion, and kindness. Yousafzai advocates equality and universal education. DeGrasse Tyson urges persistence for impact. Campbell champions following one’s bliss. Goodall passionately calls for global poverty eradication. This composition addresses courage, equality, education, persistence, passion, and poverty alleviation in our collective journey.