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2 Minute Warm Ups & Cool Downs

A musical education of any kind can have tremendous benefits on young, developing minds. Add an international, cultural component and the positive impact is multiplied.

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Summer Term Free Trial

Summer Term Free Trial

here’s what’s included for summer term:

Songs from Diverse Musicians Representing 9 Countries

Ready to take your students on an immersive musical journey to South America, West Africa, or the Middle East? Our curated selection of world-class tutors makes it easy for students to learn children’s songs in 9 different languages.

Being exposed to new languages lays important groundwork for continued education in world music and it also ensures that all students operate on a level field regardless of English proficiency.

In addition to the music, each lesson includes some historical or cultural information relevant to the tutor’s home country. Our current list of Summer term tutors includes:

  • Hamsa Mounif – Syria
  • Camilo Menjura – Colombia
  • Seddik Zebiri – Algeria
  • Chandra Chakraborty – India
  • Abdoulaye Samb – Senegal
  • Sandro Granda – Peru
  • Jana Vargová – Slovakia
  • Leo Power – Spain
  • Jalal Joyan – Afghanistan

Example Videos


Warm Ups

Music activates multiple regions of the brain and can be a great tool for engaging students and preparing them for academic lessons.

Hamsa Mounif


Abdoulaye Samb


Jana Vargová


Cool Downs

Music can also be used to help students calm down and regain their focus after enjoying a break or participating in sport.

Jalal Joyan


Case Study – Feversham Academy

    In 2010, Feversham Primary Academy in Bradford was on the verge of being shut down. The surrounding community was low-income and virtually all of the students spoke English as a second or third language. Grades were low, student disengagement high, and the government had rated the school as failing and put it into special measures. Things were not looking good.

    Fast forward to 2018 – Feversham Primary Academy now ranks in the top 10% in a number of nationwide categories and most of the school’s behavioural problems have evaporated. The demographics are similar to what they were a decade ago…the only major change has been a school-wide embrace of music:

    In 2013, the school recruited a music coordinator and focused on providing each student with 3-8 weekly hours of music education. The results of this initiative speak for themselves.

    • Prior to graduation, Feversham’s eldest students ranked in the top 2% for progress in English and Maths in 2018
    • Overall, the school’s nationwide rankings went from ‘Special Measures’ to ‘Top 10%’ from 2010 to 2018
    • Music was successfully integrated into lessons in other subjects (and vice versa)

    And that’s just scratching the surface. Anecdotal evidence and reports from teachers, music specialists, and the students themselves suggest that going to school is now more fun, a rise in self-esteem and morale has led to a reduction in bullying.

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