7/4 indian rhythms

Roopak Gazal Theka

“Roopak”, the word meaning beauty or elegance is given to this rhythm according to it’s intricate and graceful patterns. Roopak Gazal Theka is a classic Indian table rhythm used in the Ghazal genre (a form of Urdu poetry).

This lesson forms part of the World Rhythms Encyclopedia, a tool designed for musicians of all instruments to build up there rhythmic skills. This isn’t a percussion lesson strictly. Really you just need to play along on any form of percussion instrument you’ve got or even drum on a table. It’s kind of like rhythmic ear training also, but instead of trying to dictate semi-quavers, triplets and crotchets you’re actually jamming along with an authentic and quite complex Indian rhythm. More fun and more beneficial.

This tabla rhythm is in the 7/4 time signature. Throughout the World Rhythms Encyclopedia which is available as part of our Musical Freedom package you’ll encounter lots of odd-metre rhythms and travel very far from the classic 4/4 you perhaps might have been more familiar with.

Unlock Your Potential

Why do many non-4/4, 3/4, 6/8 or 12/8 rhythms played in Western music sound odd? Why do some of the time signatures referred to as odd metres like 7/4, 9/8 and 11/8 actually sound quite natural in other parts of the world?

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