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What You Will Learn

  • Day 1 – Begin by understanding the history of Congolese music and learning the traditional Cavache and Sebene rhythms before seeing a Congolese bass groove in action.
  • Day 2 – Learn how to build your first Sebene bassline over a 1 5 4 5 chord progression and begin to develop the Congolese thumb technique.
  • Day 3 – Level up your bass groove by learning the formulas for adding melodic variations, octave inversions, triplets, slides and re-harmonisation.
  • Day 4 – Put everything you’ve learnt into practice by watching a full demonstration and then experimenting with your own lines to the backing track.

The electric bass guitar, played the African way, combines the ancient bottom end of ceremonial percussive ensembles with the forceful vibrancy of today’s large guitar-led African orchestras.

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