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3 Simple Guitar Warm-Ups

Isolating the exact muscles required to play guitar and learning how to only send signals from your brain to these parts of your fingers specifically is essential in developing expert technique.

That might sound complicated but really with just a few simple but carefully designed guitar warm up exercises Fernando Perez explains how regardless of how many years you’ve been playing the guitar, some easy technique improvements can allow you to make instant progress in your overall sound.

The first song in the video is ‘Asseh Kahlo’, a composition by Fernando Perez based on traditional Egyptian music where he has developed a system of emulating the ancient oud instrument’s sound and techniques and recreating them on the 6 string guitar.

The full song plus other genres from Greece, Bulgaria and Spain can be discovered in his course Mediterranean Guitar Styles.

Reinvent Your Guitar Vocabulary

Fernando Perez has dedicated his lifetime to travelling around the world and studying the greatest sounds on the planet. His carefully designed curricula compact years of learning into easily accessible and understood lessons. Check out his courses below and discover the true wealth of guitar styles which you too can apply at your fingertips.

Mediterranean Guitar Styles

Fernando Perez

Take a guided journey through historical musical styles.


Hindustani Slide Guitar

Fernando Perez

The Indian approach to slide guitar techniques and melody.


Turkish Music For Guitar

Fernando Perez

Authentic microtonal Turkish makams on a standard 6-string guitar.