how world music will

Accelerate Your Musicality

How will studying world music give you a leading advantage over other musicians?

Imagine if you could master the intensely syncopated advanced polyrhythmic structure of Central African genres.

Imagine if deeply passionate Latin American melodies would flow from your fingertips every time you touched the guitar.

Imagine if you no longer approached harmony from the perspective of chords and scales but instead got to know an Indian Raga intimately, paying respect to the individual characteristics of every note in order of its hierarchic dominance.

Imagine how quickly you could accelerate your musicality when you step beyond Western musical limitations and harness the ultimate creative power of world music guitar.

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Desert Guitar – Origins

Justin Adams

Learn the guitar techniques of the Sahara and beyond.


Brazilian Guitar Techniques

Rafael Valim

Explore the essential Brazilian styles of Samba and Bossa Nova.


Central African Guitar

Jeannot Bel

Expand your African guitar vocabulary with essential styles.