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World Music Guitar

July 14 - 23

Reinvent Your Guitar Repertoire

The guitar is one of the world’s most universal instruments, with different regions across the globe putting their unique spin on this 6 stringed wonder. Many guitar players start by learning the G, E-minor, C, and D chords. This progression opens you up to literally thousands of pop and rock hits but it can also limit your understanding of the instrument. The North Indian Hindustani system of music doesn’t even use chords. Nor do traditional Arabic makams. Turkish music separates sounds into groups of notes, but not the ones you are familiar with.

Imagine the freedom to view music from the perspective of an entirely different culture, a world away. Now imagine translating this into your regular guitar style and putting all this information at your fingertips.

Revolutionize the way you approach the guitar and influence your playing for life in just 10 days, with an international journey through sound.

international guitar experts

Right At Your Fingertips

Learn African Music Online

Our instructors come from across the globe and, though they bring a diverse set of styles to the table, they all share a wealth of experience as veteran guitarists.

These handpicked guitarists are not just some of the most technically skilled virtuosos of their genres, but also some of the most respected teachers – all 7 tutors have dedicated their lives to sharing previously inaccessible musical insights and knowledge with the world.

Channel the combined lifetimes of experience of Niwel Tsumbu (Congo), Justin Adams (UK), Fernando Perez (Spain), Rafael Valim (Brazil), Camilo Menjura (Colombia), Jeannot Bel (Congo) and Vieux Farka Toure (Mali).

50 On-Demand Lessons  –  14 Hours Of Live Sessions
10 Days Of Intensive Study  –  7 World Class Tutors
4 Continents Of Melody  –  1 Place To Learn

explore 4 continents of melody

South America, Asia, Africa, Europe

All live sessions are recorded and made available to be re-watched at any time during or after the retreat.

Day 1-4: Exclusive access to guitar lessons from 4 different continents. On Day 1, you’ll learn the South American styles of Colombian Joropo and Brazilian Samba. On Day 2, we journey to Africa, where you’ll learn the dancefloor-orientated style of Congolese Soukous and Tunisian Sufu music. On Day 3, the retreat focuses on Europe, with lessons on Flamenco and Bulgarian Rachenitza. On Day 4, we’ll cover Indian ragas and the Hindustani slide guitar where you’ll learn how the scale assigns difference dominance values and a hierarchical approach to the different notes of the raga. There will be daily live guitar coaching calls to support you through the material.

Day 5: Day 5 is a chance to recap the material of the first four days and attend an exclusive live-streamed concert by Brazilian guitarist and singer Silas Giron.

Day 6-10: Days 6-10 feature 2 hours of daily live lessons and master classes taught by Justin Adams, Niwel Tsumbu, Camilo Menjura, Fernando Perez, Jeannot Bel and Vieux Farka Toure. This will cover a range of styles from Africa, South America, Kurdistan and China. To help you get a feel for Brazilian rhythms, there will also be a session on Samba led by Cyro Zuzi.

Live Schedule Day 1 – 5: 4pm-5pm London time (UCT+1).
Live Schedule Day 6 – 10: 4pm-6pm London time (UCT+1).

Day 1 – Module 1 – Study Joropo, Colombia & Venezuela 23.41  

Del Otro Lado – Modern Colombian Folk Guitar 4.36

Learn The Rhythm Of Joropo Music 3.00

Understand Right Hand Strumming Patterns 5.14

How To Add Variations In The Bass 6.21

Add Texture With Muting And Pedal Notes 4.30

Day 1 – Module 2 – Samba, Clave, Chords & Grooves 21.58  

Introducing The Clave Of Samba 2.52

Samba Guitar Rhythms In The Right Hand 1.53

Left Hand Muting Creates The Groove 2.36

Moving Through A Samba Chord Progression 1.49

Adding Melody To The Bass 6.27

Practise With The Backing Track 2 .21

Day 1 – Live Lesson 1.00.00  

Camilo Menjura - Live Guitar Coach 4pm London Time UTC +1 60.00

Day 2 – Module 3 – Studying Sufi & Rai Music 23.13  

An Introduction To North African Rhythms 5.49

Response Bar Variations On The Rai Groove 6.24

North African Rhythm Guitar Patterns 3.47

Studying Tunisian Sufi Song 3.46

Sidi Mansour - Melodic Details 3.27

Day 2 – Module 4 - Rumba Music & Franco Luambo Makiadi 21.04  

What Is Rumba? Explanation 3.55

Learning Franco's Interval Technique 4.59

Variations In Rumba Odemba 5.09

Rhythm Guitar In African Salsa 3.26

Hybrid Picking Interval Technique 3.35

Day 2 – Module 5 – The Importance Of Sebene 16.39  

Sebene Guitar Study – Zaiko Langa Langa 4.24

Slowing Down The Sebene Lines 3.42

The Theory Of Combining Guitar Parts 2.57

Congolese Rhythm Guitar Approach 5.36

Day 2 – Live Lesson 1.00.00  

Niwel Tsumbu - Live Guitar Coach 4pm London Time UTC +1 60.00

Day 3 – Module 6 - Flamenco 21.13  

An Introduction To Flamenco Music 3.54

Chord Basics - Por Medio, Por Arriba 3.06

Right Hand Technique And Hammer Ons 1.32

Palmas - Translating The Rhythm Into Guitar 2.16

Cadencia Andalucia - Chord Progression 2.25

Combining The Rhythms With Chord Variations 2.52

Letra - Accompanying A Cantador 4.08

Day 3 – Module 7 - Rachenitza 19.24  

A Demonstration Of Rachenitza 2.01

An Introduction To Bulgarian Music 5.23

Learning The Second Part Of The Melody 2.50

Bulgarian Melodic Ornaments 5.58

Harmonising The Melody And Rhythmic Drive 3.13

Day 3 – Live Lesson 1.00.00  

Niwel Tsumbu - Live Guitar Coach 4pm London Time UTC +1 60.00

Day 4 – Module 8 – Hindustani Music Basics 15.18  

An Introduction To North Indian Music 10.13

What Is A Raga 3.03

Adapting These Concepts To 6 String Guitar 2.02

Day 4 – Module 9 – Learning A Raga 39.04  

Raga Bhupali - Rajasthani Folk Song 5.05

Bandish - Understanding The Background 4.39

Keharwa Taal - Explaining The Theka 2.52

Learning The Rajasthani Melody 6.05

Alamkar In Raga Bhupali 5.35

Learning Tihai One 3.50

Tihai Two – Demonstration 0.52

Tihai Two - Breaking Down The Details 2.59

Learning Tihai Three 2.32

Raga Bhupali With Notation 5.05

Day 4 – Live Lesson 1.00.00  

Fernando Perez - Live Guitar Coach 4pm London Time UTC +1 60.00

Day 5 – Catch Up Day & Livestream Concert 1.00.00  

Silas Giron - 4pm London Time UTC +1 60.00

Day 6 – Live Lessons 2.00.00  

Desert Blues - Justin Adams - 4pm London Time UTC +1 60.00

African Fingerstyle – Niwel Tsumbu - 5pm London Time UTC +1 60.00

Day 7 – Live Lessons 2.00.00  

Arabic Makam Music - Fernando Perez - 4pm London Time UTC +1 60.00

Congolese Lead Guitar – Niwel Tsumbu - 5pm London Time UTC +1 60.00

Day 8 – Live Lessons 2.00.00  

Cumbia Guitar – Camilo Menjura - 4pm London Time UTC +1 75.00

Brazilian Rhythms – Cyro Zuzi – 5.15pm London Time UTC +1 45.00

Day 9 – Live Lessons 2.00.00  

Masterclass – Vieux Farka Toure- 4pm London Time UTC +1 60.00

African Rhythm Guitar – Jeannot Bel - 5pm London Time UTC +1 60.00

Day 10 – Live Lessons 2.00.00  

Kurdish Guitar – Fernando Perez- 4pm London Time UTC +1 60.00

Chinese Guitar – Fernando Perez- 5pm London Time UTC +1 45.00

Next Steps – Edd Bateman – 5.45pm London Time UTC +1 15.00

Enhance Your World Guitar Education

Think of the 10-day retreat like a cruise, dropping you off in new musical environments for an hour or two at a time. Giving you the ability to revisit every destination on-demand, and that’s just scratching the surface. Here’s what’s included:

  • Lifetime access to all 10 days of lessons, with the ability to revisit everything on-demand until you’ve perfected each skill.
  • Interactive on-screen notation, tablature, animated fretboard diagrams, and other learning tools that bring the material from Day 1-4 to life.
  • Downloadable and printable notation and tablature for all of the live lessons, making Day 6-10 easy to follow along from home.
  • Never miss a tip! Live lessons are automatically recorded and added to your account for future on-demand reference and practice.
  • Access to a private Facebook group where you can gain exclusive tutor feedback on your uploaded practice videos.
  • Curated backing tracks that match each continent making it easier to test out and analyse your new guitar lines (and show off your skills).
African Bass Techniques

….. the syncopated right hand rhythms needed to play Samba.

Online Guitar School

….. your entire musical repertoire with intricate,  chromatic Sebene lines.

Lap steel slide guitar course

….. the rhythms of North Africa, understood from a guitarist’s perspective.

Blues slide guitar

….. traditional Indian slide techniques emulating the sitar sound.

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African Bass Lessons

total immersion world music guitar

This 10 day interactive online course gives you direct access to the teachings of 7 world class tutors covering guitar styles from 4 different continents.

Learn Congolese Bass Lessons

interactive on-screen notation

Learning new skills is easier with our innovative, interactive tools. Access on-screen notation, tablature, animate fretboards, variable tempos, and more.

African Bass Guitar With Live Masterclass And Q&A

vieux farka toure masterclass

Join the live masterclass on Malian music and get an insight into the career of award winning guitarist Vieux Farka Toure.

Congolese Rumba - Sebene Heaven

world music backing tracks

Practice your new skills over different backing tracks and grooves jamming along with the World Music Method tutors.

Latin American Folk Guitar

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If you’re not completely satisfied with the World Music Guitar – 10-day interactive online retreat simply send us an email before July 19 and we’ll refund your purchase, no questions asked.

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