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Does This Sound Like You?

  • During practice my hands eventually get tired or experience pain but I know there must be a way to improve my technique so that I can play for hours like the experts.
  • I can’t play the music I hear directly from records. Translating this onto actual notes is just too complicated and overwhelming.
  • I want to break out of just being comfortable playing Western musical styles and push myself into genres that will allow me to develop more as a musician.
  • I feel like I need guidance by a world class expert who can set me up with a clear practice plan that is designed to help me reach my musical goals.

During Our Call We’ll:


  • Nail down exactly where you’re at right now in your guitar journey and define what needs to change to remove all current roadblocks.
  • Uncover what is getting in the way of your jamming success and eliminate the mistakes so that you can stop repeating them.
  • ​Understand what is really possible for you in the future as a passionate guitarist even if you feel your progress has stalled for years.
  • ​Create a step by step strategy plan for you to understand what you need to focus on right now in order to achieve long lasting guitar mastery.
  • ​Determine the best approach for you to re-learn guitar given your specific case and give you actionable steps moving forward.

Step #1

Fill in your details on this page and book an assessment call with a member of the World Music Method faculty.

Step #2

Together we’ll figure out exactly what your guitar playing goals are and what has been standing in the way of you reaching them.

Step #3

Leave the call with absoulte clarity of what you need to do (the strategy) and also how you need to go about it (the tactics) so you can finally master the guitar.

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