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Congolese Soukous Backing Track

Do you remember the revolutionary moment when iReal Pro came out? Not only could you now get chord charts of almost every jazz standard ever written viewed directly on your mobile phone but you could also play along with them. Before that in the days of Jamie Abersold’s play along records where bass might be mixed to the left and guitar to the right, you’d have to switch off one of your hifi speakers to choose the mix you wanted. With iReal Pro you could now switch between the instruments you want to hear or mute with a choice of faders, even change the tempo and key with one click. Truly revolutionary.


However if you’re fan of the World Music Method today there is a good chance that you’ve always been open to and interested in some of the planet’s most intriguing genres, and you might have noticed a major drawback of iReal Pro. Because it was created by strict jazz musicians although you had all the bebop and swing groove variations you’d ever need you might have noticed that anything Latin or Afro just had a one size fits all unimaginative drumbeat.

A lot of jazz drummers have that perspective. Learn one Afro-Cuban groove and then you’re all set to play over all of the many sub-genres of Salsa. Wrong! Modern salsa, fusion salsa, contemporary salsa, cha-cha-cha, timba, son montuno, all need to be individually understood if you want to stand a chance of dynamically accompanying with the correct rhythm.

Unlock Your Potential

In this free Soukous backing track you can jam with Niwel Tsumbu, Matar Ndiongue and Edd Bateman and even choose which mix you’d like to hear specifically. Mute the rhythm guitar, lead, bass, drums or hear the full mix.


Our new backing track directory has everything from Mbalax to Maskandi, Bolero, Tuareg, Claves, Samba, Sebene, Afrobeat and much more. Test it out today with a trial as part of our Musical Freedom Program today. It’s a great place to develop ensemble skills and you’re playing along with world class musicians.