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Turn your ear into a powerful tool that can confidently guide your musical journey into whichever genre it takes you in just 30 days or your money back.

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The Path Towards Musical Freedom

The ultimate goal with this course is to develop the connection between what you’re hearing in your head and your ability to rapidly replicate this on your instrument.

Through a detailed study of intervals, scales, modes and techniques to sharpen your ear you’ll get quicker at being able to hear any song for the first time and know what to play to fit in with the harmony and rhythm. You’ll develop the confidence for your ear to guide you through musical performance whilst also improving your knowledge of theory simultaneously.

This course is suitable for musicians who sing or play any instrument.

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The Ear Training Curriculum


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Module 1 - Introduction To Ear Training
  • How To Hear The Note
Module 2 - Basic & Major Intervals
  • Test – Identifying Chords (Maj, Min)
  • Finding The Triad (Major)
  • Finding The Root
  • Major Intervals
  • Recognising The Major Scale
  • Test – Recognising Intervals (Perfect & Octave)
  • Test – Identify Major Intervals
  • Choose 3 Songs
Module 3 - Minor Intervals
  • Finding The Triad (Minor)
  • Minor Intervals
  • Recognising The Minor Scale
  • Test – Identify Minor Intervals
  • Test – Identifying Scales (Major & Minor)
Module 4 - Extra Chords & Modes
  • Diminished & Augmented Chords
  • Test – Identify Chords (Maj, Min, Dim, Aug)
  • Major Modes
  • Major Modes In Context
  • Test – Identify Modes
  • Recognising 7th Chords
  • Test – Identify 7th Chords
Module 5 - Harmonic Intervals
  • Harmonic Intervals
  • Test – Identifying Harmonic Intervals
Module 6 - Chord Progressions & Pentatonic Scales
  • Diatonic Chord Progressions – 4 Chords
  • Diatonic Chord Progressions – 8 Chords
  • Pentatonic Scales
  • Pentatonic Modes In Context
  • Test – Pentatonic Scales
  • Diatonic Chords Progressions With 7ths – 4 Chords
  • Diatonic Chords Progressions With 7ths – 8 Chords

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