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Immerse yourself in the passion of southern Spain and let your voice become a conduit for the profound magic of this extraordinary art form in just 30 days or your money back.

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Close your eyes and transport yourself to the bustling streets of Andalusia in southern Spain. Imagine sipping on Sangria as the rhythmic sound of palmas reverberates through the air. The atmosphere is electric, and you’re about to witness the fusion of 700 years of Arab rule with the soulful essence of southern Spain. Now, picture yourself at the heart of it all, learning the art of flamenco.

Welcome to our Flamenco Singing Course, where the passion bustling streets of Cádiz meets the power of your voice.

In this immersive journey, you’ll explore the rich and emotive palos (genres) of flamenco, including Bulerías, Tientos, Alegrias, and Tangos. You’ll learn the heart-pounding rhythms that give this music its distinctive flair and connect with its profound history.

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The Flamenco Singing Curriculum


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Module 1 - An Introduction To Flamenco - 5:49
Module 2 - Tangos De Cadiz - 20:22
Module 3 - Tientos Flamenco - 10:33
Module 4 - Bulerias De Cadiz - 8:00
  • Clapping The 12 Beat Cycle 1:10
  • Learning A Coletilla 2.11
  • Combining Las Palmas With The Coletilla 2:22
  • Slowing Down The Coletilla 2:17
Module 5 - Alegrias De Cadiz - 18:10
  • The Difference Between Bulerias And Alegrias 4:04
  • How To Clap The Alegrias Rhythm 3:09
  • Singing A Tiritiran 1:25
  • Practicing Singing With Las Palmas 1:50
  • Clapping And Singing Alegrias 3:44
  • Understanding The Full Form Of Flamenco 1:03
  • Singing The Full Form 2:07
  • Thank You For Watching 0:48

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African Backing Tracks

flamenco voice mastery

Learn to sing flamenco from the heart with one hour of carefully planned flamenco singing lessons structured to make you competent in a variety of different styles.

Learn Congolese Bass Lessons

interactive on-screen notation

Learning new skills is easier with our innovative, interactive tools. Access on-screen notation, tablature, virtual fretboards, slow motion and more.

African Backing Tracks

leo power – masterclass

Receive an invitation to Leo Power’s next interactive online masterclass and take your studies further under guidance from your new teacher.

African Bass Guitar With Live Masterclass And Q&A

compás backing grooves

Put your new techniques into practice and jam over compás grooves so you can develop your own authentic feel and be confident playing in a variety of new styles.

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Step into the enchanting world of flamenco with Leo Power, a true luminary from the historic streets of Cadiz, Spain. Leo embodies the spirit of flamenco, having immersed herself in its passionate embrace since childhood.

Leo's musical path is a fusion of pure passion and diverse influences. From her early days singing and dancing at flamenco gatherings, she ventured into blending flamenco with rock, funk, and African rhythms, forming the group 'Asú de Verde.' Her journey led her to London, where she became a cantaora and percussionist in the renowned Alma Flamenco Company.

Back in Cadiz since 2005, Leo Power's dedication to flamenco earned her the title 'Gaditana of the Year' in 2017. In her course, she imparts not just techniques but the very soul of flamenco. Students delve into the enchanting palos – Bulerías, Tientos, Alegrias, and Tangos, while mastering the art of Letras, Quejios, and the spellbinding Coletilla.

Discover the rhythms, emotions, and traditions of this captivating genre with a true master of the art: Leo Power.

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Flamenco Singing Lessons

Our course goes beyond the notes and lyrics; it delves deep into the essence of flamenco. You’ll discover how to sing a Letra and express a Quejio – the soulful cry that defines this genre. You’ll also master the Coletilla, a captivating melodic flourish.

But what truly sets us apart is our emphasis on making the audience feel what you sing. Flamenco is all about raw, unbridled emotion, and our course teaches you how to infuse every note with passion. You’ll unravel the intricate rhythmic cycles of flamenco, allowing you to create music that moves hearts and souls.

Join us on this unforgettable journey into the heart of flamenco. Discover the magic of southern Spain and unleash your inner cantaor (singer) as you connect with the soul-stirring world of flamenco music.

Let your voice become a vessel for the magic of this extraordinary genre.

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