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Guitar student Ady Parzentny, aka @hittheroadmusic, enrolled on Nov 23 and just two days later has already made fantastic progress. Watch the video and here his review.

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The Kora Guitar Curriculum


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Module 1 – Sounding Like A Kora - 40.58
  • The Best Tuning For Sounding Like A Kora 08.44
  • The Basic Right-Hand Plucking Patterns 05.01
  • Playing The Melody On One String 03.58
  • 3-3-2 Plucking Rhythm 04.43
  • Bassline In 4, Melody In 3 05.40
  • Shortening The Notes To Sound Like A Kora 08.44
  • Kora Style Hammer Offs 04.08
Module 2 – Learning Lam Tooro - 31.59
  • How To Keep The Right Hand Loose 02.17
  • Learning The Groove For Lam Tooro 09.28
  • Getting Familiar With The Scale 03.13
  • Studying The Lam Tooro Melody 06.23
  • Recapping The Parts So Far 03.27
  • Developing The Melody With The Bass 07.11
Module 3 – Studying Lam Tooro Further - 24.33
Module 4 – Derek & Toumani - 10.30
Module 5 – Learning To Play Konkoba - 28.56
  • Learning The Kumbengo 01.26
  • Mastering The Accompaniment 09.43
  • Developing Melodic Ideas 02.35
  • Toumani Style Variations 07.42
  • Attaching The Melody To The Bass 06.40
  • Making Sense Of Kora Music 00.50
Module 6 – Konkoba - Advanced - 22.42
  • Learning A More Complicated Accompaniment 07.51
  • Extending The Melody Into A Full Theme 04.39
  • Creating An Ending Section 04.10
  • A Summary Of Konkoba 01.44
  • Structuring Your Improvisation 01.49
  • Konkoba – Full Demonstration 02.01
  • Thanks For Watching 00.28

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African Backing Tracks

kora mastery on guitar

Transform your guitar into a kora with 160 minutes of carefully constructed kora guitar lessons from the pioneer of this field.

Learn Congolese Bass Lessons

interactive on-screen notation

Learning new skills is easier with our innovative, interactive tools. Access on-screen notation, tablature, virtual fretboards, slow motion and more.

African Backing Tracks

derek gripper – masterclass

Take your studies further with two hours of bonus material learning how to play in the style of Ali Farka Toure.

African Bass Guitar With Live Masterclass And Q&A

compás backing grooves

Put your new techniques into practice and Jam over different Malian grooves with Calabash player Adama Kone.

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Meet Your Teacher

Derek Gripper, a trailblazing guitarist, embarked on a remarkable journey transcribing the intricate compositions of Malian kora player Toumani Diabaté onto the six-string guitar. His groundbreaking album 'One Night on Earth' melded Western classical tradition with West African griot heritage, captivating classical guitar legend John Williams and captivating kora maestro Toumani Diabaté himself.

With accolades spanning global venues like Carnegie Hall, Derek's fusion of African rhythms and classical guitar expertise has redefined musical boundaries. Through his Kora Guitar Lessons, Gripper shares not just techniques but the soulful essence of African melodies, enriching students with a profound cultural musical tapestry.

Transforming Your Guitar with Derek Gripper

Embark on a sonic odyssey to West Africa’s soul, where the mystical sounds of ancient kora strings beckon. Picture your trusty six-string guitar as a portal, a conduit to centuries of rich griot heritage. Brace yourself for Derek Gripper’s “Kora Mastery On Guitar,” a seismic shift in musical horizons—without needing new gear!

Delve deep into the legacy of Toumani Diabate’s kora style, while reimagining your guitar’s essence. Feel the rhythm, sense the melody as this course orchestrates an exhilarating transformation.

Get ready to shatter the limits of your instrument, unleashing a symphony of possibilities like never before!

Kora Guitar Lessons

The African Bass Masterclass

Lifetime Access Only


one time payment

✔ 30-Day Money Back Guarantee