7 Non-Guitar Tracks That Shaped My Sound


Join celebrated guitarist Justin Adams as he shares his playlist of 7 non-guitar tracks that profoundly influenced his musical journey, crossing continents from Tanzania to Rajasthan. Discover the roots of his inspiration.

“inas inas” by mohammed rouicha: a moroccan marvel unveiled!

Immerse yourself in the evocative world of “Inas Inas” by Mohammed Rouicha, a soulful Moroccan ballad that weaves a tapestry of nostalgia and longing. The haunting vocals and traditional instruments will transport you to the enchanting landscapes of Morocco, where the echoes of the past meld with the present in a bittersweet melody. Mohammed Rouicha’s emotive delivery invites us to explore the rich cultural heritage of Morocco and embrace the poignancy of his artistic expression.

“mateso” by hukwe zawose and the master musicians of tanzania: a tanzanian rhapsody like none other!


Venture into the heart of East Africa’s musical soul with “Mateso” by Hukwe Zawose and the Master Musicians of Tanzania. The musical energy captures the vibrant spirit of Tanzania, leaving you with an appreciation for the diverse musical offerings of the region and the collective brilliance of the Master Musicians.

“bitnadini tani lih” by musicians of the nile: an egyptian euphonic experience

Enchant yourself with the timeless elegance of “Bitnadini Tani Lih” by Musicians of the Nile, an ethereal Egyptian composition that speaks to the soul. The haunting melodies and traditional instruments create a serene atmosphere, inviting you to explore the musical depths of Egypt’s rich heritage. The heartfelt vocals resonate with a sense of deep emotion, offering a glimpse into the cultural significance of this captivating musical journey.

“porto santo” by carlos paredes and fernando alvim: a lyrical serenade from portugal

Let the lyrical brilliance of “Porto Santo” by Carlos Paredes and Fernando Alvim serenade your senses and transport you to the picturesque landscapes of Portugal. The soulful guitar strumming and emotive vocals create a captivating duet that captures the essence of Portuguese artistry. This serene serenade offers a window into the cultural charm of Portugal, leaving you with a sense of warmth and wonder.


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